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Aug 17, 2020

10 Home Improvements to Make Before You Move In

Once you’ve got a new place waiting for you, the anticipation of moving in all your boxes and finally settling in with your family can be pretty exciting. But is your home really ready for everyone to start unpacking in? It may be in your best interests to address some possible challenges in advance before having to deal with them down the line when they could throw a wrench in your plans. Here are some improvements you can tackle before moving in:
1. Fix the roof, to both keep your heads dry and to save everyone from having to listen to banging overhead for weeks
2. Check for existing rodents or pests, make sure you’re the only residents of your new home 3. Update the electrical systems and any dated sockets or outlets, both for safety and code 4. Address any existing plumbing issues, both in the house and even out to the main line 5. Add any new gas lines you’d like installed around the property, such as for heaters or gas appliances
6. If your home doesn’t have adequate insulation in the walls or roof, now is a great time to get it installed
7. Seal up any preexisting holes around the property, such as in the walls, the concrete outside, or even exterior cracks such as in chimneys
8. Repaint the walls to your liking
9. Replace any old carpeting, important before any furniture gets placed on top if it (remember to wait until after any repainting)
10. Fix any torn of faulty window screens or loose window latches, to keep your home climate controlled and safe