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Aug 17, 2020

5 Ways to Learn About a New City Before You Move

When you need to move to a new city or state, the priorities are typically focusing on boxing up your precious cargo, finding the right team of movers to help you on your journey, and addressing the essentials such as transferring utilities or supplying your new home with internet. But one thing many people tend to forget is to acquaint themselves with the destination itself. What is there to do in your new town? How are the schools? How is the traffic? Any interesting local cultures to prepare for? Here are five ways to learn about a new city before you even move:
1. Visit the city’s internet page: most cities, even many smaller towns, have dedicated websites that provide information seekers with lots of information about themselves. This can range from annual events to local government office information, sights to see, information about schools and weather, and more.
2. Ask your friends and family: has someone you know perhaps already been to your destination? Perhaps they’d be happy to share their experiences, both the good and the bad, and it’s always good to get this sort of information from a source you can trust.
3. Visit travel websites: many travel websites will have information about things to do and see on locations across the globe. You can get visitor reviews for added perspective, and sometimes these sights can even provide information on attractions outside the destination but still within traveling distance, giving you a broader idea of what your new home has to offer.
4. Visit the city in advance: if possible, you may want to travel to your destination in advance, to get your own personal perspective on it and even prepare yourself in advance for what awaits you at the location.
5. Ask your movers: remember, your moving team has been all over, and can often share their own experiences of a destination. Don’t be afraid to ask!