How-to Guide for Packing Your Laundry Room
Mar 18, 2020

How-to Guide for Packing Your Laundry Room

Though it may be one of the smaller rooms in the home, the laundry room is still a vastly important part of any living space. We all need clean clothes and bedsheets, after all, and when moving you want to make sure that you’ve packed up this important area properly.
The most notable part of the laundry room is the washer and dryer. These appliances can be large and unwieldy, so if you’re taking them out yourself be sure to handle them with care when wheeling them out with a dolly; it helps to place protective layers over any carpeting between the room and your destination when transporting these heavy objects. Be sure to properly disconnect these appliances before doing so: this should include the hot and cold water lines, the electrical outlets, the water drain for the dryer and the air vent for the dryer.
As detergents are often kept in the same place as the appliances, be sure to secure these items carefully. You may want to wrap them in a plastic bag to prevent any leaks or spills during transport, and keep them packaged separately from your linens for added protection.
An often-missed task during packing up a laundry room would be removing any shelving or other additions you’ve placed in the laundry room over the years. Some people add metal baskets, bolt wire metal shelves to the walls, or install laundry bins, and these may prove just as useful in your next location as they are in your current home. Make sure to keep any screws used in plastic bags near your other packed laundry items, and you even want to take a picture to remind yourself how everything was previously arranged when moving into your destination.