How To Prepare For Moving To San Francisco
Feb 21, 2021

How To Prepare For Moving To San Francisco

San Francisco is a city unlike any other, with sights unique to itself and a layout that can’t be found elsewhere in the United States. While this can be a thing of beauty and wonder, it can also present a hefty challenge for those looking to move here. Here are some challenges to prepare for when moving to the City by the Bay.

One of San Francisco’s most notable features is the geography: it is intensely hilly, with small, winding streets and tight architecture designed to maximize land use. These picturesque features also present its greatest challenge for a move: large-scale moving trucks have a very difficult time navigating this area, so you’ll want a team with experience specific to SF like Smart People Moving. When you do reach your destination, you may also find there’s nowhere to park. Permits often have to be procured from the city, and you’ll want to cone-off the area as well as alert neighbors what’s coming.

There may also be such limited space that your moving team will have to park elsewhere and walk your inventory down multiple blocks manually. Due to the typical design of buildings in San Francisco, you will need to expect lots of stairs, meaning you and your movers will have to carry heavy items up and down them frequently: consider storing away larger, bulkier items, and lighten your load as much as possible.

San Francisco can also be quite cold and windy in the winter months, so consider this an extra challenge for your movers, especially if they have to park the moving truck a distance away from the final stop. Fortunately, once the move has been completed and challenges met, you will have an amazing location to explore and grow in. Welcome!