Kitchen Packing Tips
Jan 22, 2021

Kitchen Packing Tips.

Of all the rooms in your home that require packing and organization of a wide array of items, perhaps none come close to the complexity and fragility of your kitchen. Dozens of utensils, breakable glassware, heavy plates, clunky pots and pans, not to mention packing up the food itself! Here are some tips to help optimize your kitchen-relocating experience. You’ll want to consider how fragile items like glasses can be. Make sure to gather as much packing material as you can muster and create a buffer between each glass and with the box’s walls. If possible, use a hard plastic container for glassware to further protect your goods. And take the weight of your glasses into account, not over-stacking them to prevent breakage through crushing.

Keep items organized and together: for example, avoid stuffing utensils in the same box as plates, if possible. If you keep similar items together, they will be easier to unpack and organize when you reach your destination.

Keep a detailed inventory of what you’re transporting from the kitchen. With as many items as many households will have, this will make it harder to lose little things in the process. Avoid the temptation to over-fill a box. Plates can stack easily enough, but a lot of them in a single box can create a heavy item to move, which can in turn potentially crush its contents under their own weight.

Don’t forget the food! While non-perishables like spices or packaged dry goods can be boxed normally, you may need to consider either transporting your food in coolers or disposing of perishables before you go.