Moving Blankets: Why You Need Them When You Move
Jan 3, 2021

Moving Blankets: Why You Need Them When You Move.

A common misconception in the moving process is that there are only two tools you will need to get your goods from Point A to Point B: boxes and tape. However, a quintessential item that is often overlooked but vastly important is the versatile moving blanket, and you are going to need them if you have a move planned.

The primary function of the moving blanket is to of course protect your cargo. Being more robust than standard blankets, they act as excellent barriers between fragile or easily-scratched items, keeping nicks off your wooden goods and preventing chips in glass. Different varieties of moving blankets often have gromets, which allow for hooked bungee cords to help secure them in place or tie them directly to cargo; this is especially useful for larger items such as dining tables, bookshelves or pianos.

Moving blankets are also an excellent means of securing the cleanliness of your home during a move. They are great for protecting your floors and carpets during the high-traffic activity of transporting items in or out of a home, and when it’s time to unload boxes they offer a safe space to place boxes that may have picked up some dirt during transport. And it’s not just floors: moving larger, clunkier items into rooms and through hallways, such as bedframes or tables, runs the risk of gouging walls or doors. A well-placed moving blanket when things get tight can reduce the risk of scrapes and scuffs.

Even after, moving blankets can be used for many home needs: they are exceptional surface protectors during home improvement projects like painting or drilling, can cover outdoor furniture, and can handle acting in the traditional role of floor blanket on outside surfaces like grass and dirt.