Using a moving checklist to stay organized during your next home move
Sep 8, 2020

Using a moving checklist to stay organized during your next home move.

Moving for any amount of distance, be it as hefty as across the country or as local as a couple of blocks, can be chaotic to say the least: transporting all your possessions, your keepsakes and your memories can be stressful on every level. Through the chaos of coordinating movers, your family and even yourself, memory can’t always be relied on. This is where one your most powerful moving tools can come into play and make the entire experience run as smooth as clockwork: the mighty checklist!

You’ll find that putting your plans to paper is an excellent way to keep the chaos in check. While there are the common concerns like when to expect your moving specialists or listing which boxes to pack with which items from which rooms, it’s the little things we can often forget: did you cancel your home internet service? Change the address on your credit card? Transfer utilities?

Hand the keys to the buyer’s agent? Clean the place before leaving? Tell your neighbors goodbye? Any one of these items can often be accidentally overlooked, which is why a comprehensive checklist covering every possible task ahead of you, big and small, is essential. It’s important to start early, being as detailed as possible, and continuing to add to it the closer you get to the big day.
This can seem overwhelming at first, but seeing every item on that list checked off on moving day, knowing nothing’s been forgotten, knowing the chaos has been controlled: that’s peace of mind right there.