Moving from Texas to California
Dec 21, 2020

Moving from Texas to California.

They might be the two largest continental states, but Texas and California are as different as night and day: both have definitive cultures and environments unique to themselves, and moving from the Lone Star State to California can make quite clear. So what to expect when making this change in scenery? Well, for starters, as a former Texan you might be accustomed to wide, open spaces, large homes and the slow-rolling hills of the countryside; however, you’ll discover that unless you’re moving to a rural location, space is often at a premium in California. Homes are generally smaller, especially when compared to properties of equal value back in Texas. Large yards are practically a luxury. As such, you may want to pack any outdoor items accordingly.

You may also want to give some thought about what clothes or supplies to bring; California’s weather is much milder than Texas’, especially when it comes to precipitation or humidity. Southern California especially is a much drier environment than places like Dallas or Austin; you’ll find summers much more bearable. Topography-wise, Texas streets are typically wider and easier to navigate, whereas California locations may have tight roads that could make maneuvering a moving truck a challenge. California also has an abundance of hills (especially the Bay Area), so consider challenges in offloading your goods. Expect higher prices for goods like fuel, but on the plus side, you’ll find property taxes for CA homes to be substantially lower than Texas’.

Fortunately, it’s going to be a long but easy drive for most of the journey westward, so put on some nice music and enjoy the scenery as you head to your new California home!