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Sep 24, 2021

Packing and Moving Those Stoves and Ranges.

It’s a pretty straightforward process packing up your goods to be moved long-distance: fit them in boxes, make sure everything is secure and boxes are labeled, and organize them for the truck. But what about those large-scale items that aren’t your conventional knickknacks, dinnerware or boxes of shoes? How do you pack up and move stoves and ranges? Here are some handy tips to help that part of the moving process along.

First thing’s first, make absolutely sure the gas has been shut off and disconnected from any gas-using appliances, and anything that uses electricity has been unplugged before you start moving these items. If you’re unsure or uncomfortable with this part of the process, you can always ask an expert for best options to this. Professionals like the team at Smart People Moving have plenty of experience dealing with gas appliances.

Remove any loose components to prevent them being shifted, lost or damaged. Parts like gas burner grates, oven racks, and more that appear loose enough to be should be gathered up and packed to keep them secure; keep them nearby the appliances, so as not to lose them.

Once the appliance has been unscrewed from its housing in the kitchen, have a dolly handy and carefully shift the item onto it; consider help if the item seems too unwieldy for you alone. Prepare a path in advance for the dolly to move without intersecting other items in the way. Once out of the kitchen and in an open spot, be sure to wrap the appliance in packing blankets, bubble wrap, or some other layer of protection to prevent scratching and damage. Beware of and cushion any sharp edges on the appliance when doing this.