Six Factors to Consider When Seeking a Storage Unit
May 18, 2021

Six Factors to Consider When Seeking a Storage Unit

Whether you are in the process of a move or you’re comfortably settled down in one spot, sometimes we just need some extra storage, a place to put those surplus items to get them out of the way, at least for the time being. But what exactly do you need when looking for the ideal storage facility?

You’ll want to keep the storage unit close to home as possible; if you’re not moving anywhere, this will be so you can get whatever you need from those stored goods as quickly and easily as possible. If this is in anticipation of a move, locate a facility closest to your destination, both for the above reason and to reduce travel time and costs if you’re just dropping some items off before continuing on to your new home.

You’ll want to do your homework when it comes to researching a reputable storage place, to make sure quality and cost are both at their best. Check Yelp reviews, give the location a once over in person if possible, and make sure there’s adequate security and upkeep to confirm your goods will be safe and secure.

Consider your size needs: will you be storing a lot of bulky items, now or planned in the future at some point? Do you just need something small for personal knickknacks or a large unit for an entire house’s inventory? Larger space requirements may prompt you to get a unit closer to the ground level, to reduce time and hassle of using stairs or an elevator.

Be on the lookout for sales and discounts storage facilities may be offering, you can often find places offering the first month free for longer-term contracts. And speaking of long-term, consider how long you will actually need the unit into your plans.