8 ways to make moving with your kids an experience to remember
Sep 3, 2020

Top 8 things you should know about moving.

There’s so much that goes into even the smallest-scale, shortest-distance relocations. If moving isn’t something you’ve had a lot of experience with, you’re going to want an idea of what to expect. Here are the top eight things to know about the process:

1. Plan in advance: have a checklist handy and write out everything that needs to be done. This should be your first step!
2. It’s going to be time consuming: realistically lay out how long it will take to inventory and box your items, load them, travel to your destination, and unload everything at your new home.
3. Make sure the destination is ready for you: no one wants to get to the end of their route only to find their next home hasn’t been cleared out or utilities aren’t set up.
4. It can be physically and emotionally demanding: even if you don’t heft boxes yourself, coordinating movers can be tough, which is why pros like Smart People Movers can help lighten that load.
5. Research your moving team. Make sure they’re licensed, experienced, have good reviews, and that they’re going to make you their number one priority.
6. If you’re renting, make sure to check move-out policies to avoid surprise fees.
7. Remember to forward your mail and bills; minutia like this can often be overlooked!
8. Let’s close out with a little bit of sunshine: a move is a fresh start and a chance to start anew. Bring the best of your past living experiences with you to your new home!