Getting Smoothly through the First Night in Your New Home
Jun 25, 2021

Getting Smoothly through the First Night in Your New Home.

The move is done! You've reached your destination and, while there may be some unpacking to do, you'll be spending the first night in your new home. This exciting time can also come with its share of unexpected complications, though, and the last thing you want to experience on your first night at home is a surprise hiccup marring the occasion. Here are some ways to get through that initial evening with a good night's sleep.
Confirm beforehand is that the electricity and water are on: the last thing you want in the night is to have to fumble through the dark to find the restroom only to discover the sink and toilet aren't working! On this note, make a mental check before going to bed of the quickest route to the restroom and make sure there are no boxes or loose items blocking your route, should you have trouble finding the light switches on the way there.
Have a suitcase with supplies handy for those first days and nights. Unless everything is already unpacked and readily available at a moment's notice, you'll want to have your essentials on hand for whenever you might need them. Having items like toiletries, pajamas and more easily accessible on your first night will make things smoother to adjust to.
Speaking of getting adjusted, if you have little ones in your home that aren't used to a move, be they children or pets, you'll want to make sure they're accounted for and that they receive any comfort and support they need to adjust to the change in environment. This is a new experience for everyone, the first night of many in your new home!